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Books come from heaven

Books come from heaven

Books come from heaven

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    Books come from heaven
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    Talk about food 9527
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    52weixin Books
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2022-08-05 17:49:09
On earth, Liu Yang, a freshman in college, inadvertently obtained a "heavenly book", which is a universal answer book that can be answered no matter what questions are asked. However, it has attracted the pursuit of the killer Caesar, who is a "Heterodimensional" killer who travels through many three-dimensional spaces and hunts himself. The protagonist Liu Yang happens to be Caesar's "isomorphism". When he was about to be killed by Caesar, Liu Yang was lucky to be saved by soldiers tracking Caesar in 903 space and imprisoned in the plum blossom building in 903 space. But Liu Yang's friend noodles died in Caesar's hands. In order to revive his friend vermicelli and find a way to return to the earth, Liu Yang fled the plum blossom country in cooperation with Fang Dexin, the leader of the shadow clan. But on the way to escape, we have to face the dangerous environment of the whole 903 space and avoid the pursuit of Caesar and plum blossom country.

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