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Sea spy

Sea spy

Sea spy

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    Sea spy
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    Uncle is a little wooden
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    Weixin Book
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2022-01-26 17:31:03
He never believed in crossing. In a strange accident, he even crossed. It's time to cross, but what's terrible is that he crossed to Yokohama, Japan in 1936 and to a strange international cruise ship, and he seems to have lost his memory he didn't know that he was surrounded by either Japanese spies or Japanese spies. They had dug a trap for him and waited for him to enter the youngest and best instructor of Huangpu Military Academy; Lixing society's most powerful espionage master and action master; The most hidden member of the underground Party of the red party; Expert in criminal investigation; The young master of Fujiwara family these identities are not the key the key lies in what he did for the national war of resistance against Japan and what role he played; What he did for the liberation of the Chinese people and what role he played; It depends on what he has done and what role he has played in the human anti fascist struggle please remember his name. His name is Lu Jinhong.