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Pay 99 yuan: create a mysterious funeral for you

Pay 99 yuan: create a mysterious funeral for you

Pay 99 yuan: create a mysterious funeral for you

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    Pay 99 yuan: create a mysterious funeral for you
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    Hot pot with coriander
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    Health Books
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Su Chen, who crossed the parallel world, inherited a funeral company. Unexpectedly, he awakened the divine funeral system whether you want to leave a legendary story in the world or create a mysterious and extraordinary past, it makes people doubt your identity as a big man. Just come to Suchen funeral company [for only 99 yuan, I will personally appear at your funeral, wearing a black suit and holding a black umbrella, and stop to watch the funeral silently.] [if you pay 10000 yuan, 100 people in black will appear on your funeral, a Maybach will appear at the funeral site, and an old man with vicissitudes in his eyes and wearing a Zhongshan suit will bow deeply towards your tombstone, present a bouquet and leave solemnly!] [if you pay 100000 yuan, there will be 3000 people in black with umbrellas on your funeral. It will be cloudy and rainy on the day of the funeral, and the armed helicopter will hover there. Three old people in black Zhongshan suits and two women full of tears pay tribute to your tombstone!] ... [pay 10 billion yuan, and your funeral will be announced in the form of live broadcast. The trembling of heaven and earth, the coffin pulled by Kowloon, and all things are dark! At present, all those in power in the world will come to your tomb and bow down for you! The heaven and earth show visions, the black clouds sweep around, the stars turn into your tombstone, and the sun and moon practice for you...] We can solve all problems that can be paid in place! paying for an order will immediately give you a mysterious past

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