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How can I get to Xiuxian

How can I get to Xiuxian

How can I get to Xiuxian

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    How can I get to Xiuxian
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    Chinese goalkeeper
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    Sky Book
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2022-07-30 15:39:56
Have you heard the sound of PA, PA, Pa want to pit me, fuck me, kill me I'm just a knife! Blow your head don't make me angry, because there is only one life don't you believe it? Look at my deception and deception. I won't keep your pants disagree? I'll fuck you down! Take it or not no dispute? Mine can only be mine, yours is mine Qin Kai, a high school student learning slag in the new era, accidentally crossed into a world of cultivating immortals I like spicy chicken don't you believe I can kill you win the treasure! End the war with war! Crazy killing is all this the decline of morality or the distortion of human nature according to Qin Kai's words: if you want to die, the Tao cannot be blocked! If I want to live, what can I do come and see Qin Zheng, super invincible, infinitely arrogant, crackling, splashing, going up against the sky, a disorderly hammer, strong repair of immortal road!

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