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I can upgrade the shelter

I can upgrade the shelter

I can upgrade the shelter

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    I can upgrade the shelter
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    Seventeen Zheng
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    Clean book
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2022-08-28 03:40:29
If a meteorite with a diameter of 10 kilometers hits the blue star, can human's desperate interception save their own destiny the dust raised by the impact obscured the sky and plunged the world into an extremely cold night that will last for hundreds of years due to the lack of sunlight, the sunless surface fell into an extremely cold temperature of tens of degrees below zero under such an apocalypse, there is only one refuge dug by Chen Xin and an upgraded system found. How can Chen Xin survive the crisis of the apocalypse can human civilization continue, and can the fire of hope light up this cold night and bring warmth to mankind fate has given the test question. Can humans give a different answer than the dinosaurs that were extinct in that year it is hereby declared that the background of this book is set with reference to the contents of the 58th and 59th issues of the thousand sci-fi books of President ghost book friends group 671488155

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