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Fairy King s daily life

Fairy King s daily life

Fairy King s daily life

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    Fairy King s daily life
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    Day Books
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[original novel with the same name of domestic popular 2D animation IP] this book is publicized as "Wang Ling's daily life". The story of the book is "the only Koi in the cultivation world" at the age of 10 (the animation version time is changed to 6), Wang Ling killed the demon king swallowing the clam. As an omnipotent cultivation wizard, Wang Ling had to hide his power and live among a group of ordinary cultivation students. The young man doesn't care about the money, magic, magic weapons and fame that ordinary people pursue. No matter the admiration of the rich and powerful sun Rong, the sniping of the top killers of Yingliu and the incessant wordiness of his parents, he can't stop his pursuit of simplicity. Either eating instant noodles or going to the canteen to buy instant noodles. In the face of difficulties, will Wang Ling crush his opponent? Or lie down and pretend to be dead PS: Xianwang's public fan group ①: 497204521 public fan group ②: 1031978228 VIP reader group: 704620442 (more than 7000 fans can subscribe) [novel cover drawing] the theme song of Xianwang's daily life, the novel's new Chinese style episode "a total book of Xianxia", and the novel's popular episode "love in the starry sky" are welcome to search and listen~

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