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Water Margin of sleeping pig

Water Margin of sleeping pig

Water Margin of sleeping pig

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    Water Margin of sleeping pig
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    Linzi Li Rui
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    Wind Book
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2023-05-25 21:16:06
The outlaws of the marsh in the eyes of a young man in the city did not add fuel and vinegar, but stayed up late. There were many evils in the previous life. In this life, I get up early and work overtime. Back in that era, how did a group of bandits understand life these are a group of drunken heroes who drink all day and want to share money with the society. Play with others' society with your own society. The end of the righteous is very tragic, but most people can return to society anyway Liangshanpo in the water margin is the character of Shandong people. First, they love making friends, second, they love drinking, and third, they fight against injustice. If you are reasonable and don't do it, you are a fierce man. They have different personalities, but everyone has a narrow heart. Never bully the defeated. A group of people with true temperament. Lu Zhishen never regretted that he killed someone for others. Serious civil servants lost their jobs and were forced to go into the Jianghu. They suffered hardships and abuse and never complained. Still fighting against injustice, he saw through life when he died, and illiterate savages can see through life Song Jiang, who was loyal and filial, eventually turned the bandits into government troops. Although he paid a heavy price, he finally took the road of return. The descendants of this group have a place. There is no need to solve the identity problem because the bandits can't solve the identity problem not only did Ruan Xiaoqi give his blood to those who knew him, but many people were forced to sigh today. Face life peacefully, but don't accept it. Just breathe out in any case, people should have the ability to travel in the Jianghu without the ability. All Liangshan heroes who can play music, write and see a doctor should stay. Avoid death in the capital. Let me talk about the water margin

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