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Supercomputer intelligent system

Supercomputer intelligent system

Supercomputer intelligent system

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    Supercomputer intelligent system
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    Dong Jianqiang
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2023-05-08 12:04:01
Inadvertently get a smart phone, but I didn't expect it to be the super technology of aliens........ an omnipotent mobile phone, which can shuttle back and forth in all time and space latitudes, explore logic, and practice and obtain elements in all worlds........ the strong is a person with talent and wisdom strong people have specific strong elements. Strong elements come from exploration and Cultivation in different worlds... in this novel, there are sweet love, beautiful flowers, hot-blooded games, social daily life, super technology, entrepreneurship stories, mechanical technology, alien civilization and cosmic star sea... In short, there are everything, which is worth looking forward to here, the new author also dares to ask for support and recommend collection,

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