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The strongest badger in Hogwarts

The strongest badger in Hogwarts

The strongest badger in Hogwarts

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    The strongest badger in Hogwarts
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    Don't call me Chen Ergou
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2022-01-15 07:51:56
Link is a Hufflepuff although he was born in a pure blood black wizard family, he is a snake man. He often invents some magic spells and potions, and he is also handsome he is a winner in life however, he still feels that he should follow the fine traditions of his predecessors, be a low-key man, do things honestly and make a lot of money as for the seemingly beautiful but thankless limelight like saving the world, let the people of other colleges do it for example, the black haired boy with a pair of black framed glasses over there is a good candidate it's just... Things don't seem to go his way every time... "it's useless to give you a chance!" looking at Harry who has been knocked down by Voldemort in the open space, link, hidden in the crowd, said bitterly then, with the expectant eyes around him, link resolutely took out his wand and rushed up PS: the old author's new book, the 231w word finished work "Harry Potter's Raven's claw", is updated with guarantee.

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