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Water Margin undercover

Water Margin undercover

Water Margin undercover

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    Water Margin undercover
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It has been a hundred years since the Tanyuan alliance between song and Liao. The Lang master of Liao had a bad intention and wanted to invade the south again. The state of song was obsessed with the monarch, corrupt officials and exploited and harmed the people. Many Jianghu heroes are forced to make a living, or violate the ban with martial arts, or are excluded and framed. They escape into the mountains and forests and become bandits. Among them, Liangshanpo is the most powerful in order to conquer Xixia and guard against the north, the troops in the state of song were empty and unable to suppress everywhere. Tianshi Zhang of Longhu Mountain offered a plan. The government sent someone to go undercover in each stronghold. Once you get a high position in the stronghold, you can recruit the imperial court, so as to turn the bandits into soldiers; Second, even if we can't turn bandits into soldiers, we can concentrate bandits, so as to facilitate the unified suppression of elite troops, so as to prevent officers and troops from running around; Third, we can restrain the bandits and avoid harassing the States and counties the story begins with these undercover agents