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The original blood group

The original blood group

The original blood group

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    The original blood group
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    Radish scale
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    Mountain Book
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2022-01-26 02:03:39
Afraid of light, bloodthirsty and immortal... Colin found that he seemed to be in line with the characteristics of the blood family but the problem is that there is no record of blood clan in this strange world am I the first blood group in the world there is no guidance from predecessors and there is no system help in order to understand the blood clan setting in this world, Colin had to constantly observe and record his body's reaction under various circumstances: [strength is reduced by about 30% under direct sunlight] [throat, heart and brain are no longer fatal weaknesses] [ordinary food can't satisfy hunger, only blood can restore physical strength] [holy water... Hmm? who filled me with holy water!!! PS: the main line of this book is the Lord's struggle for hegemony. The identity of blood clan is just a golden finger that can be continuously developed. I don't like to enter it carefully.

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