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Douluo s sister hurt at the beginning

Douluo s sister hurt at the beginning

Douluo s sister hurt at the beginning

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    Douluo s sister hurt at the beginning
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    Lin Mo Yu Shen
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    Happy Read
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2023-03-03 23:53:25
Shen Yumo passed through and came to the peerless Tang clan but his identity is so special that he doesn't even know it. From the year when he was sensible, Shen Mo, who knew the plot, knew that his usually gentle and kind sister was snow emperor under the care of the two emperors of ice and snow, he is nine years old and awakens the thousand blades of Wulin magic knife and the space dragon. When Shen Yumo comes to Shrek, the intertwined lines of fate are removed and the specific track is disrupted, then everything will be changed. All I have to do is protect the people I love but the things behind it are not simple. That day, sister Xue hugged him and said, "I'm sorry, sister! My sister is selfish..." later, I found that I became a tool man for no reason... ten thousand years later, there are still ink legends in this continent peerless Tang clan: semi invincible, easy text note: don't enter the original party! This article has a little pit. Welcome to the pit!

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