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Wan Ming started from Sarhu

Wan Ming started from Sarhu

Wan Ming started from Sarhu

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    Wan Ming started from Sarhu
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    Dream Wuyue
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    Garden Novel
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2022-05-14 08:29:05
In the 47th year of Wanli, he came from Sarhu the sky changes in Eastern Liaoning, and the buildings will collapse the martial arts of the prosperous age are gradually fading away, and the dirge of the Ming Dynasty is played by the sound and the horn the nine sides of the border are expanding rapidly, and the financial revenue cannot make ends meet the words of the cabinet ministers are like fire and water, and the party struggle and corruption are becoming more and more serious be quick and private, and fight in the same room in the 47th year of Wanli, he stood up from the sea of corpses and blood Where is the soul of Chu? Mountain ghosts cry in the dark by changing the barbarians in summer, you can win the championship in a hundred battles restore the three hundred states of Han and Tang Dynasties, love rivers and mountains, love beautiful people, and live up to the young head reader exchange group: 114594272

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