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Conan s rice flower five-star good citizen

Conan s rice flower five-star good citizen

Conan s rice flower five-star good citizen

Rating: 9 / 10 from 4974 ratings
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    Conan s rice flower five-star good citizen
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    Mortal fairy dream
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    Day Books
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"Xiao Lan, I really like you." long Zhijie's voice was full of sincerity Xiao Lan said dimly in her eyes, "then why break up?" "this... Alas ~" long Zhijie turned his back and sighed Xiao Lan lowered her eyebrows and pursed her lips: "is it because of the snow?" "no, it's good under the snow, but it's not because of her." "that's... The garden?" Xiao Lan said painfully what she didn't want to say "Er, no, although the garden has become gentle, powerful and charming, it's not because of her." "black cat? Yes, she, she often goes to your house. Sure enough..." Xiao Lan spoke too quickly because of excitement "no, no, she's also a good child, but it's not because of her." Xiaolan said not to cry, then took a deep breath and said, "who do you like?" long Zhijie looked back and said painfully, "I don't regret falling in love with others..." "previous girls? Old feelings rekindle..." "Alas, we are not fit to be together. If my heart is not here, people will not be here." "hehe, is it xiaohuiyuan? You are indeed a pervert." long Zhijie finally turned back. he looked at Xiaolan in front of him and wanted to touch her tears, but he left tears first: "I can't even dream of being liked by so many girls at the same time. I won't have such a thing in my life. I just don't give up, but my road is lonely after all." after that, he took a deep look at Xiaolan, and then went to board the plane to leave the rice flower market and return home without looking back.

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