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I am the great ancestor Zhao Kuangyin

I am the great ancestor Zhao Kuangyin

I am the great ancestor Zhao Kuangyin

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    I am the great ancestor Zhao Kuangyin
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    Ten mile sweet clover forest
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    Wine Novel
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2023-03-18 12:14:53
Introduction Zhao Kuangyin, the emperor Taizu of the Song Dynasty, controlled the guest sky in the "shadow of candle light and axe", and the ghost floated in the West Mountain Huashan; The ancestor of Huashan made bones and flesh for him with 206 pieces of Bodhi wood, and Zhao Kuangyin was reborn after rebirth, Zhao Kuangyin returned to Kaifeng Bianliang to avenge his revenge. His brother Zhao Guangyi was about to ascend the throne emperor Taizu of the Song Dynasty went straight to Wansheng gate and met Zheng Hata, an envoy of the later generations who crossed chenghuangcheng; Zheng Hata and the top ten armies helped song Taizu capture Zhao Guangyi alive and were protected by the jingsai army led by Fu Qian, a close aide of Zhao Guangyi's shogunate Zhao Guangyi ascended the throne and became emperor, while Zhao Kuangyin lay dormant outside the city. At a court meeting, Zhao Kuangyin and Zheng Hata sneaked in; Zheng Hata wants to kill Zhao Guangyi. Zhao Guangyi is willing to let Zhao Kuangyin be the supreme emperor and share power equally Zhao Kuangyin interrogated Zhao Pu in the vertical arch hall and told Zhao Pu about the conspiracy of the Golden Chamber alliance; Zhao Kuangyin also told the story of Zhao Guangyi's plot to usurp power and kill himself after regaining the throne, Zhao Kuangyin did not kill Zhao Pu and Zhao Guangyi, allowing them to dredge up foreign relations; One went to Qilian mountain to raise horses ZHENG Hata was ordered to wipe out the sixteen Yanyun prefectures. Under Youzhou City, he was captured by Empress Dowager Xiao's Princess Yelv Xiyao and recruited as his son-in-law. He secretly sent a letter to song Taizu asking him to rescue him Song Taizu led an army to Youzhou and captured Xiao Chuo alive emperor Taizu of the Song Dynasty granted Xiao Chuo the title of the king of China to jointly plan the expansion of China's Xinjiang Zhao Kuangyin's team finally traveled collectively to the Han Dynasty, maximizing the territory of the Han family

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