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The Fairy Doll of the net Fairy

The Fairy Doll of the net Fairy

The Fairy Doll of the net Fairy

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    The Fairy Doll of the net Fairy
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    Chaotic space trigger
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    365 Books
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2023-01-26 18:35:51
Longmeng and Dongfang Simei grew up in a secluded place "Ao village" the gifted silk beauty was accepted as a disciple by the Epiphyllum View Master of "aocun". Silk beauty's baby Qinlong dream was originally a computer program fan who only believed in science. His biggest dream was to become a super programmer with the title of "netgod". By chance, he was lucky to get the super software in the "Pandora" box in the dark network, and took this as a help to embark on the arduous road of programmers. At the same time, he stumbled on the road of truth repair under the influence of Simei. Longmeng and Simei inadvertently get "chaos awareness" and "chaos Ruyi clean bottle", and their cultivation is advancing by leaps and bounds the hidden Epiphyllum view and Yanyin temple have been secretly looking for the holy land of truth cultivation. They are not limited to the earth. They established a huge Chang'e interstellar group with the Higa family, explored galaxies outside the earth, and found the earth like planet "island star". Si Mei and long Meng uncovered some unsolved mysteries in the western hemisphere in the "island star", and launched a cyber war and truth repair war with the hegemonic forces of the red and blue people of the alien system with the efforts of Longmeng and the "island star" geniuses, the innovation and application of program software have been continuously improved, fighting against the modern cyber crime and scum in the cultivation world, and standing proudly on the stars all kinds of human beings abandon racial prejudice and racial discrimination in Star Wars. Under the influence of the great integration of human races and new elements, the human brain has been developed at a higher level, and the human life span has been extended. From then on, it has entered a new era of the superhuman era.

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