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Ming Chuan of the wing of dimensional store

Ming Chuan of the wing of dimensional store

Ming Chuan of the wing of dimensional store

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    Ming Chuan of the wing of dimensional store
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    Calendar rain and wind
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    18ws Read
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2022-05-17 08:27:53
One of the three top sword saints in the sword world, the dark sword Saint Qianyi jumped off the silent cliff after being calculated by his good friend Bai Rui, but he didn't die after jumping off the silent cliff, but came to a new world his name is no longer Qianyi. His name is Fengyi. He has got the family he dreams of and felt family affection in them Fengyi, originally the master rider, is the leader of the rebel army of the mainland empire of the sword and the dark sword saint. He will get to know everyone and maintain the security of the integrated world Ye Ximing, originally the son of the second cavalry, rebirth and death, will fight the seven original sins when collecting the seven truths and saving the soldiers of the twelve constellations LV Siyuan, originally a three riding and seven star final seat, is responsible for managing everyone without disturbing each other and breaking the rules. At the same time, he will be the boss in the early stage and wash white in the back this book is also known as "black sword of masked Knight" and "Knight shopkeeper in the world of five equally divided flowers"

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