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The last emperor of the dead

The last emperor of the dead

The last emperor of the dead

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    The last emperor of the dead
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    Prosperous blood scenery
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    52weixin Books
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2022-08-05 17:49:57
One night, a few light-years away from the blue star, there were several huge continents. Each continent was ten times and hundreds of times larger than the blue star. Each continent was wrapped by a huge light ball, as if it was pulled by some mysterious force, and then rushed to the blue star at a speed exceeding the speed of light it was not long before it reappeared in the outer space of Bluestar. It crashed into Bluestar without the knowledge of space probes and space stations in countless countries for a moment, the living creatures in the world seem to be suspended after that, the whole blue star was torn into six parts and then merged with other foreign continents I don't know how long it was before a young man was awakened by a loud crash in a dilapidated rental house in DIDU.

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