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I m really not ezrell

I m really not ezrell

I m really not ezrell

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    I m really not ezrell
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    The cat is as fat as an orange
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    Wind Book
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2023-05-09 09:32:22
Hero League fellow Yin Ze never dreamed that when others advanced to the competition to pray for God and worship Buddha, God's big hand waved. Either meet Keng goods, young Xia, please start over, or meet xiaodai, and then go to the peak of life. When it's his turn, God's big hand waved directly through Yin Ze is lucky. The original owner of this body is no one else. It is ezerel, who is known as the fist's own son. Looking at himself in the mirror, he shouted that he had found the treasure Yin Ze is also unfortunate. The golden finger system, which is a necessary welfare for the transgressor, seems to be a little wrong, and the time when he crossed... "This smelly boy is causing me trouble again. When he comes back, I will kick his ass with my leather boots, I swear!" shouted my uncle professor lemir. "damn stowaway boy, dare to steal my precious wine. I'll throw you into the sea to feed the fish." the merchant ship captain roared. "Shameless traitor, izzaril, you will die in pain under the gaze of the bearded lady." the second before Sarah blew you up, Planck cursed "cunning Mrs. piltway, it's best not to let me see you in bill jiwat." sister luck was angry. then, Yin Ze, who had not yet gone to naizuk's tomb to get the copper hand guard, wanted to cry without tears. "Guys, I'm not ezerel!"

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