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Darkness and Immortality

Darkness and Immortality

Darkness and Immortality

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    Darkness and Immortality
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    Squid leader
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    Ethical Novel
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2022-01-13 03:17:00
The world alliance, the largest science and technology giant of mankind, is composed of qualified countries. In order to develop a super era brain, it has spent millions of human efforts for a century. Later, it has an independent consciousness and can evolve and upgrade itself. The most incredible thing is that it can also create. It flies slowly in space without any help from mankind. Many years have passed, Its function is more than just a game. It has a great effect on human beings. This super game [eternal world] is created by it and teaches human beings to produce the game warehouse this game warehouse is provided free of charge for everyone in the world alliance, and the price of subsequent replacement can also be used by ordinary people If a player's life is about to reach the end, as long as the brain damage is not too serious, it's a pity to contact the world alliance. They will take out the brain and give it to the main brain. The main brain will put the brain into a huge container, so that the player will always be in the game state, which is equal to eternal life in another world in the story, by chance, they stand on the opposite side of all players. In the game, they are friends with all kinds of evil races, such as the undead, the devil, the skeleton, the Dark Phoenix, the black knight and the dragon. Take the hell evil spirit to the slaughtering City or help boos kill all the invaders? Friendship, love, blood, hatred, humanity, how should Yinshan team fight the whole world?

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