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Dream journey dream flight

Dream journey dream flight

Dream journey dream flight

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    Dream journey dream flight
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    Midnight Hermit
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2022-09-23 06:43:56
LAN Sishen got all the multiple-choice questions right in the middle school entrance examination and accidentally got into the best high school in the city. His extremely poor family, coupled with his extremely garbage foundation, made him extremely low self-esteem. A few months after the beginning of school, he finally had a close friend, LV Yunhai, who was "the same person at the end of the world". LV Yunhai and LAN Sishen are often ignored. He tried to exchange his excellent achievements for the attention of others. However, he didn't find that he was still very lonely until he really ranked among the best. One day, LAN Sishen happened to meet his old friend Bao Siyu in the street. Bao Siyu told LAN Sishen about his experience. LAN Sishen had a whim. Finally, LAN Sishen, LV Yunhai and Bao Siyu completed a "plane" called "dream" in an abandoned factory found by Bao Siyu. In this way, LAN Sishen realized his childhood dream I want to create a series called "dream journey", which is the first book of "dream journey".

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