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Two boundary safe houses

Two boundary safe houses

Two boundary safe houses

Rating: 9 / 10 from 1596 ratings
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    Two boundary safe houses
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    Fat is characteristic
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    Beauty Read
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2022-01-19 19:23:06
The artist organized the killer Lise to code "Cezanne". Once he was betrayed while performing a mission in Zurich. He was ambushed and seriously injured and fled to the safe house. A team of strong armed personnel followed him. Lise detonated the embedded explosives and died with his opponent when he woke up, he found himself crossing into another world with the safe house. There were cars burning firewood and coal, crossbows composed of gears and reeds, steam driven airships, and all kinds of dangerous mutants then he found that he could return to the original world every few days so Li Saishang started an alternative flying life between the two worlds. In the existing world, he wants to find traitors, kill them, compete with other killer organizations, mercenaries and mysterious forces one after another, and find out the reason why he crossed in a different world, he explores the unknown step by step, strengthens himself, becomes the enemy of the "chaotic country" which is the source of mutant people, and becomes the "savior" in the eyes of many people in the end, he found that there seemed to be some wonderful connection between the two worlds

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