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I really don t want to win

I really don t want to win

I really don t want to win

Rating: 9 / 10 from 1700 ratings
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    I really don t want to win
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    Dangdang loud
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    Vchale Novel
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On that day, Li Tang, who had just entered society for two years, was facing the biggest test in history [there are many choices in life. It depends on how you grasp them.] [A: I don't want to work hard.] [B: I still want to struggle.] after some trade-offs, Li Tang chose the latter and was accidentally hit by the system [congratulations on your wise choice...] [lying win game system binding...] "er... Don't do that, okay?" Li Tang looked at the Wang bombing played by the farmers on the mobile phone fighting the landlord and resolutely threw out four 2's, "I want to work hard, I really don't want to win." a little game every day, happy life every day< br>。。。。。 PS: Introduction: powerless, urban shuangwen, positive energy, daily life and female owners. Group No.: 2901327.