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Preface 1 of demon Hunting: the emperor has a way

Preface 1 of demon Hunting: the emperor has a way

Preface 1 of demon Hunting: the emperor has a way

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    Preface 1 of demon Hunting: the emperor has a way
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    Holding a ruthless sword
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    Long Novel
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2022-10-09 11:06:00
Heaven is constant in all directions, and miracles are self-made. Chaos once ruled the whole world. With the advent of the light of miracles, chaos was finally shaken, and the world ushered in the initial dawn. With the help of chaos, the eight wonders have been transformed into the way of creation, forming a Star Hong domain with multiple worlds as one. With the birth of the new world, nameless fear, the strange force to suppress in chaos, took the opportunity to break free from bondage, escape to the new world and try to make a comeback. The guardian sensed that the nameless fear far above evil was quietly reviving and quietly eating the foundation of the new world, so he made a decision that would affect everyone's fate in the future - send a demon hunting action team to completely eliminate the potential threat. The demon hunting operation team evolved into several teams, sneaking into different worlds to search for unknown fear nameless fear also feels the threat from the guardian. It is reborn with the Qi and blood of hundreds of millions of creatures. Through the Qi of the road, it evolves thousands of creatures and completely integrates into the world. In order to complete the plan of rounding up nameless fear, the demon hunting operation team, which lost the trace of nameless fear, had to take root. As an outsider, the demon hunting team caused the dissatisfaction of the "disciples of heaven" of Zhengde Avenue, and then the conflict of ideas between the two sides triggered the battle of the heavens. The guardian is determined to make a contract to ensure peaceful coexistence between the two sides for the sake of the order of the new world. In order to avoid death and injury, the retreating "disciples of heaven" had to accept the existence of the contract. Since then, the demon hunting action team has become a secret force in the new world, gradually submerged in the dust of history. In order to better monitor the nameless fear, the demon hunting action team opened a secret mission - Qitian!

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