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LORD Almighty: I can modify hidden entries

LORD Almighty: I can modify hidden entries

LORD Almighty: I can modify hidden entries

Rating: 9 / 10 from 3081 ratings
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    LORD Almighty: I can modify hidden entries
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    Frost wood
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    Ethical Novel
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2022-09-24 23:39:29
Qin Yun, who crossed the world and became a lord, found that he could modify the entries of all items Sao Nian, I heard that your qualifications are not good it doesn't matter. You have extraordinary talent, great talent and boundless longevity. All arrangements are guaranteed to make you a legend say you still lack weapons and equipment? Warehouse equipment is free to use magic changed six tube holy steel armor, Gatlin, titanium magic steel armor, put it on, God has to retreat looking at the legendary weapons and equipment glittering with gold in the warehouse, everyone fell silent... holding the entry modifier, the pheasant becomes the Phoenix and the kitchen knife becomes an artifact. As long as time is enough, bricks can also become nuclear bombs but looking at the entry of the maid beside him, Qin Yun fell into meditation [legendary Knight: have a legendary posture. At the moment of embarking on the road of knight, there will be more legendary songs in the world] [universal Maid: get into the hall, get into the kitchen, be proficient in all kinds of life skills, and be able to take perfect care of daily life] it seems that it is also a good choice to hold your thighs and eat soft food?

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