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Altman s hand

Altman s hand

Altman s hand

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    Altman s hand
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    Punctual little seven
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    Vchale Novel
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2023-03-25 19:51:17
His name is Ronnie. He is a young soldier from the cosmic guard team of M78 Nebula light country. In order to clean up the door for his master, he went after the traitor franster with several predecessors, but he was defeated by franster who received the gift of the power of the dark god. As a result, two predecessors were killed miserably. Ronnie, who knew he had made a big mistake, was ashamed to return to the light country, So he embarked on the journey of experience and wanted to make himself stronger through continuous honing until he could avenge himself. By chance, he helped him save Li Hua, the last survivor of planet Carlo her name is Li Hua. She comes from the planet Carlo. She has been exceptionally admitted by the college before she was a teenager. At present, she is studying in the monster major of the famous Carlo interstellar college. However, something unexpected happened. The planet Carlo was poisoned by foreign forces and was on the verge of destruction. At this moment, Li Hua met the giant of light falling from the sky. They decided to go with the fallen people at the end of the world, As the number of cooperation increased, the division of labor between the two became more and more clear. Li Hua, who majored in monsters in the college, served as lorney's combat aid. She could accurately analyze the skills and weaknesses of monsters, but lorney later found that Li Hua, who majored in monsters, didn't know anything about cosmic people since then, the half hanging universe guard and the monster researcher with half a tank of water have embarked on an unknown adventure the new book is launched. I hope you can recommend it and collect it. Thank you!

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