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Douluo s speech spirit vertical method

Douluo s speech spirit vertical method

Douluo s speech spirit vertical method

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    Douluo s speech spirit vertical method
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    A paper describes floating life
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    Health Books
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2023-01-12 20:57:14
Jiang Yun crossed to Douluo and awakened the "Sao Hua" system. As long as you say something in a specific situation, the system will score it and give rewards according to the score when you awaken the system for the first time, the system gives you Jiang Yun's Wu soul gift bag. Wu Soul: the spirit aggravates the pupil on that day, at the gate of notting college Jiang Yun: "don't deceive a young man into being poor in the East and west of the river for 30 years." master: "I'm not as elegant as this son, and the title is no better than you." System: reward Buddha's anger lotus, with two different fires Jiang Yun: "there are three million soul masters in the world. Maybe you can lower your eyebrows when you meet me." Qian Renxue: "Oh? Really?" Jiang Yun: "... System: reward Xuanyuan sword Jiang Yun: "who says invincible? Who dares to say invincible?" bibidong: "what a young relegated immortal. Jiang Yun, I appreciate you. How about entering my martial soul hall?" Jiang Yun: "can I refuse?" bibidong: "what do you say?" Jiang Yun: "... System: reward" he turns himself into freedom... Ancient heavenly skill of six Samsara ". ... (don't worship the master, don't blacken, follow the plot in the early stage.)

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