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Villain, I m favored by the female Lord?

Villain, I m favored by the female Lord?

Villain, I m favored by the female Lord?

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    Villain, I m favored by the female Lord?
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    Winding chord
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    Hotel novel
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2022-08-06 07:07:18
Su Mingyuan passes through the villain role in Chengdu's novel world. As long as he plays the villain and saves 100000 villain values, he can return to the earth however, when Su Mingyuan, who had worked hard to save enough travel expenses, crossed back to the earth, he did not expect that he had unfortunately encountered the turbulence of time and space, which was traced back to his first day as a villain start all over again "don't you just play villains again? My acting skills are not what they used to be. Look at me this time for a year, no, I'll save enough villains within six months!" Su Mingyuan is optimistic and confident "I don't do my best to ridicule, so that men and women hate me, hate me, and then crazy hit me in the face and step on me." "I'm professional in playing villains!" the first step is to make them hate me completely eh, what's wrong with you not only don't resist, but also... Enjoy it can you respect me? I'm an evil villain wait... Wait!

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