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Too much genius is considered heresy

Too much genius is considered heresy

Too much genius is considered heresy

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    Too much genius is considered heresy
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    June dishes and love to write
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    Light Novel
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2023-02-03 01:23:30
"What? You say that the comic style in China is bad and there is no plot? It's not as good as Riman next door?" "Hey, I happen to know a friend of manling who has contracted Kudo Shinichi. Why don't you invite him to your house to shoot an episode?" when various virtual characters in animation and games break the secondary wall and come to the real world, People become the mainstream by signing anime characters as manling looking at the majestic urban defense team incarnated in land tiger armor, as a member of the animation special warfare team, Xiang Kunlun, a "film policeman" who is in charge of the stability of the overlord's blood, Lin Fei, as the protagonist, is very distressed, just because he can't know these animations well when the upgrade assessment begins, the opposite player looks at Cao Yanbing, the fire general on his left, and Xiao Yan, the Yan Emperor in the endless fire field on his right. He gradually collapses and asks helplessly and blankly: is this what you mean, unfamiliar with animation?! This different dimensional world is like your family. Hey at this time, Lin Fei sighed gently, and I was also very distressed contestant: Master, I understand Master passing by: don't look at me, he must be a heretic... this book is also called "I'm really not familiar with animation"

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