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Real peach blossom stone Empire

Real peach blossom stone Empire

Real peach blossom stone Empire

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    Real peach blossom stone Empire
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    Long yinsen
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    365 Books
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Sun Xiurong crossed again. This time, he crossed to Anxi in the Xuanzong Dynasty of the Tang Dynasty, but his life experience is still complicated he knew about this period of history. The rebellion of an and Shi was coming. Then, in order to calm the chaos, the three generations of emperors Li Heng, Li Yu and Li Shi borrowed troops from Uighur and Tubo, on the condition that they burned, killed, raped and looted in Chang'an and Luoyang, and looted Dingkou and property Where should he go there are points to teach: silent Tianshan snow, gurgling broken leaf river brilliant Rao leshui, sissote stone the Pearl River is silent and full of fire towering Caucasus, gloomy Dnepr long Taurus, the vast Kara Sea brilliant Troy, brilliant Crete each poem represents a volume, with 12 volumes initially determined. The volume has a master's name. Sun Xiurong's new magnificent life is about to begin desert, solitary smoke and snow, produced by typical Longyin Sensen, have different historical experience. Please collect them!

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