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Rural live broadcasting becomes stronger

Rural live broadcasting becomes stronger

Rural live broadcasting becomes stronger

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    Rural live broadcasting becomes stronger
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    I'm Zhang Xiaoshuai
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    Wine Novel
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2023-05-25 23:05:18
"My God, the anchor tamed a white wolf?" "Wow, why is there a long legged sister around the anchor?" "anchor, please let me see the savage, and I'll reward you a million..." back to Zhang Xiaoshan in the virgin forest, I got a live broadcasting system, and the popularity value can be used to obtain reward items and various skills Zhang Xiaoshan started his daily live broadcasting life. He had nothing to do every day, such as live broadcasting, taming wild animals, making blind dates in the countryside, teasing squirrels in the mountains, and colliding with his pet white wolf in the mountains. By the way, he dug some wild ginseng, Gastrodia elata and Dendrobium candidum sometimes I take my sister into the mountain to set up a tent for live broadcasting. By the way, I see the reward and scream of female fans. The live broadcasting life is full of joy who knows that this anchor will eventually become a figure stirring the world? Become an idol worshipped all over the world

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