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Cicadas dream

Cicadas dream

Cicadas dream

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    Cicadas dream
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    Zhang Donggua
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    Canela books
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2022-09-07 15:21:46
When I just graduated from junior high school, I was so dull that I didn't notice anything, nor was I lonely and empty life is still light, like a whirlpool of water. For me, the change is just a place, just a group of people. I still listen to the song alone, watch the rain alone and stay up at night alone I squandered my youth. For a time, I thought that yesterday was no different from tomorrow. For a time, I thought that time went its way, and I also went my own way. Well water does not invade river water, and I will go on forever. Until youth abandoned me, parted ways with me at the intersection of more than 20, and went farther and farther. I began to understand that every step of time fell soundly in my life, leaving deep and shallow footprints. It turns out that time is cannibal. It parasitizes everyone's years and slowly empties a living person, leaving a pile of indigestible memories it took me a long time to miss it. Only then did I know that I was not really so dull. Although I have suppressed my inner feelings several times. But when I look back, I look through such a long time and think of so many people, so many things and places before I gently put the conch left by the years on my ear and let the waves drown me what cannot go back is the old days, and what cannot catch up is the Ming Dynasty I always stay at this moment and can't surpass it therefore, the only thing that can be recalled later is the memory itself this summer, cicada still has a lot to say, but I have learned to be silent.

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