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Soul blade: a stone pierces the wind and cloud

Soul blade: a stone pierces the wind and cloud

Soul blade: a stone pierces the wind and cloud

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    Soul blade: a stone pierces the wind and cloud
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    Sword Shaoyou
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    People Books
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2022-07-13 23:15:28
Shipuofeng accidentally excavated an iron stone with soul. It has three masters, made three weapons of knife, sword and halberd, and witnessed the changes of the world for 2000 years in order to help iron stone fulfill the long cherished wish of its former owner, and to realize its great Xia dream, overthrow the dark imperial court and save the people all over the world, Shi pofeng traveled everywhere: for iron stone, challenge rare animals, collect materials and create the strongest blade that can change various forms! For the sword, under the guidance of iron and stone, practice the ancient sword method that has been lost for a long time. Once the divine skill is released, it will shock the whole world! For brothers, break into BeiCang alone, pick Xizi alone, and kill Nanye! For the martial arts way: crossing xuanqiu in the East, get the last words of the elder, and return to restart the Wulin! For the world, kill the court hawk and dog, fight the northern Cang tiger and wolf, and destroy the Western purple demon emperor however, the biggest enemy is nearby - the true identity of the sworn brother Bai Li Chuanyun is the prince of BeiCang! After hundreds of miles of trials and tribulations, he finally awakened the spirit of the wolf, and vowed to lead the four true soul heirs to find the shame of the Wulin in the Central Plains

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