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Super God Lv Bu

Super God Lv Bu

Super God Lv Bu

Rating: 9 / 10 from 8754 ratings
  • Alternative names:

    Super God Lv Bu
  • Author:

    Jiang Zuo Yiyu
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  • Source:

    Sky Book
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The world says this man is capricious, brave and resourceless, and can't be used, but the world can't see the hardships and helplessness behind him. Some people say that he is a god general and unparalleled in the world. Others say that he has done nothing in his life and can be unparalleled only by his brute force? When people talk about his ending, they always disdain to say, "an unfaithful and unfilial man will only show his courage and deserve such a tragic death." but with the changes of the times, perhaps more and more people begin to understand him and sigh that he was born at an untimely time. In this way, let's see if he lives a lifetime again. In the face of the arrival of the gods, whether he runs away in a hurry and lives in a muddle, or whether he takes up arms, guards the people around him, and continues the scenery of his previous life. This time, the world will be convinced and respect him: "Wen Hou" (the first time I wrote a book, I wrote it according to my feeling anyway ~ I don't want to see more people. I just want to bring the fantasy story to everyone and give it to myself.)

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