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Zhetian is too stable

Zhetian is too stable

Zhetian is too stable

Rating: 9 / 10 from 42860 ratings
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    Zhetian is too stable
  • Author:

    Huaibei Xiaolang Jun
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    Wine Novel
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In the era of rebirth, Xiang Changsheng, a descendant of tyrant blood, was very flustered. He has no luck, nor is he the son of plane. He has only one dream of longevity in order to settle down in the cruel Beidou, he refined pills, arranged arrays and painted amulets, keeping a low profile. He tried not to touch Cause and effect. Killing people would raise their ashes. He planned everything and then moved. He never easily stepped into danger. It's as steady as an old dog. It's startling to move, and then leave quietly originally, in the plan of "towards longevity", he would become a saint in the mountains and stay away from Beidou until the eclosion Dynasty collected all kinds of blood, a young holy body with a crying and laughing bronze mask said goodbye to his sister

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