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Full time ghost swordsman of Muye

Full time ghost swordsman of Muye

Full time ghost swordsman of Muye

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    Full time ghost swordsman of Muye
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    Octopole lion
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    Happy Novel
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2022-05-14 08:14:05
After Yutong awakened the ghost swordsman system, Penn, who called himself "God", felt inferior Shenluo Tianzheng vs wave burst - yutongsheng Vientiane Tianyin vs soul obsessed demon killing - Yu Tongsheng Earth burst sky star vs no double wave - Yu Tongsheng changmen: get out of the way. You'll all die when I can't control myself Feather boy: Naruto, yuzhibo weasel and chilabi, get out of the way. It's just a earth explosion star. I can easily poke and explode it with a big avalanche and Blood Sword Naruto: Although elder Yutong often teases me, some are unreliable, but his strength is very strong. He lost three generations of Huoying, ziyelai, big snake pill yuzhibo weasel: he is the natural enemy of our yuzhibo family. I hope Sasuke will not challenge him foolishly yuzhiboban: I'm yuzhiboban in vain. I'd like to call you Yutong the first dance God in the world Yutong: "Hello, everyone, I'm here to have some fun. Who will play with me? Don't worry, I don't put on the awakening skill, I don't need the colorless skill."

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