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I m playing simulation in the library

I m playing simulation in the library

I m playing simulation in the library

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    I m playing simulation in the library
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    Catch the sword by hand
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    Yipin Books
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2022-05-14 02:55:54
Lu Yun has become a worker in the library of Qingyun sword sect. He has no spiritual roots, skills and resources. Fortunately, he has loaded the cultivation simulator. I have simulated tens of thousands of times from the found skills, and I have simulated the perfect level skills!! The peerless sword technique is simulated from the three sword marks on the stone tablet have you seen that pill + used alchemy furnace = alchemy master's complete solution have you ever thought that spirit Tool + used tool tripod = Weapon refiner's complete solution but do you think it's over No, no, no, Lu Yun extracted the corresponding elements of black holes and neutron stars from the sky, and then simulated the gamma ray burst!! It is said that that day is the brightest day in the whole cultivation world

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