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My martial spirit is a monster killing book

My martial spirit is a monster killing book

My martial spirit is a monster killing book

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    My martial spirit is a monster killing book
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    Xiaoshan Leopard
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    Hot Read
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2022-05-14 14:27:49
You can stack passive (kill! People! Books) indefinitely. Have you seen it when Chen Chong crossed the gaowu world, he found that his junk Book Wu soul was actually a monster killing book if you kill demons and monsters, you can stack the glory value, and each level of glory value increases the corresponding accomplishments when stacked with layers, you can also upgrade the soul of martial arts to obtain special rewards since then, Chen Chong has been on the road of hunting demons and ferocious animals and will never return them again a general: "at the beginning of the mission, each recruit hunts and kills ten fierce animals." "report to the leader, there are not enough fierce animals! A recruit named Chen Chong is too fierce, and he killed all the fierce animals alone." a general looks confused: "?" "can I miss such a good motive?" Chen Chong grinned a beautiful woman was about to be torn apart by the fierce beast. Chen Chongyi punched and killed the fierce beast "thank you for saving my life. Tomorrow..." "don't get me wrong. I just want to kill fierce animals." there are no women in my eyes, only muscular fierce animals brother Bao: "Chen Chong, wipe your saliva!"