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The heavens are more miserable than the crowd

The heavens are more miserable than the crowd

The heavens are more miserable than the crowd

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    The heavens are more miserable than the crowd
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    Duan Wangye
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    Wine Novel
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2022-07-05 22:36:16
In order to get the chance to change their lives against the sky, a group of big men are crazy and miserable: Xu Xian: who is miserable with me? My mother is a long worm. Ten thousand eggs are born. My mother is not alive Dong Yong: the most tragic thing in the world is that the person you love is in heaven, but you can't go to heaven Ning caichen: mountains have no edges, heaven and earth are united, and human and ghost feelings are not unique Oriental invincibility: at the moment of wielding the knife, the whole world was clean, and the sect leader was no longer the young man he used to be Monkey King: in the winter of 404 when Wuzhi Mountain was pressed, there were snowflakes floating outside. This year's snow came later than ever before. Homesick, thinking of monkeys and grandchildren, tears blurred my golden eyes. My old sun longed for freedom. When will the bitter days come to an end? I'm so bored< br>……

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