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Red Moon: I can see the upgrade panel

Red Moon: I can see the upgrade panel

Red Moon: I can see the upgrade panel

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    Red Moon: I can see the upgrade panel
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    Low profile Division
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    Garden Novel
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2022-07-06 22:02:27
After the red moon, half of human beings were killed by the red moon radiation, and the rest began to evolve in this world, extraordinary people who control powers, ordinary people, can only be enslaved until the protagonist passes through an ordinary person... "you are an ordinary person. You can only be enslaved all your life and live in a dark corner without hope all your life..." the school flower said coldly to the protagonist "really? It's time to witness miracles..." the protagonist looked at the panel in front of him and silently began to add points to his skills... black leopard skill, add points to me, and even upgrade to 999 + boom upgrade TIANYAO Dafa the protagonist turns into a demon and suppresses all enemies Heiyan fist, add some points to me and upgrade to 999 + level boom upgrade Tiangang Disha skill from then on, a hundred robbers will not invade and ten thousand robbers will not destroy. Turn your hands and destroy all strange things!

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