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I am a dragon, not an evil god

I am a dragon, not an evil god

I am a dragon, not an evil god

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    I am a dragon, not an evil god
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    Yuguan Qianzhang lamp
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    Light Novel
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2022-06-30 17:04:34
[steady flow], [relaxed direction], [Reiki recovery], [strange arrival], [evolution of strange animals] Reiki recovery, global evolution; Strange things come, global terror< Br> when 'Reiki revival' and 'weird coming' come together... spirit eaters are too forgetful; Strange eater, twisted madness< Br> fellow practitioners of spirit and guile are the main roads< Br> in this turbulent world, I have become a snake< Br> although I have evolved into a dragon step by step, how can you call me an evil god< Br> in this dangerous world, I want to survive, develop steadily, and avoid waves< Br>... PS: used to fighting and intriguing, you might as well take a look at the evolution of exotic animals. From the perspective of a snake, you can start from the wildlife park, cross the city, roam the sea, become a national totem, turn into a dragon and become a god step by step, which is indescribable!

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