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Fantasy, I am invincible in the world

Fantasy, I am invincible in the world

Fantasy, I am invincible in the world

Rating: 9 / 10 from 36478 ratings
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    Fantasy, I am invincible in the world
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    Wood God rectangle
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    Light Novel
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Li Sansan always thought that he was an ordinary person. He worked every day to farm cattle, feed pigs and walk dogs, and wrote calligraphy and paintings. His days were dull and boring. He always longed to be a real immortal. Little did he know that his dog had already crossed the heavens and greeted him in all holy places. The cattle he raised pressed the forbidden area in one breath. The great emperor and the demon emperor were ashamed of themselves and the gods and demons were scared. The pig he raised yawned, the earth fell apart and the world was destroyed. Any picture of him contains the supreme road and the truth. His calligraphy, every word is the rule of heaven and earth, the order of the world

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