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Wuxia: start with 100000 Xiliang cavalry

Wuxia: start with 100000 Xiliang cavalry

Wuxia: start with 100000 Xiliang cavalry

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    Wuxia: start with 100000 Xiliang cavalry
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    No just seven fights
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    Mp3 Books
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2022-07-13 05:11:42
Suyuan had just crossed into the ancient world of martial arts when he was assassinated< Br> fortunately, you have the "all heaven army talisman" on you. You can call the "all heaven army pawn" once a week< Br> "successfully summoned: obtain 100000 Xiliang iron cavalry!"< Br> "summon successfully: get 50000 ghost archers!"< Br> "successfully summoned: obtain tenthousand Shenji camps!"< Br> at the beginning, Su Yuan killed the princess's stepmother and younger brother who intended to murder him, and then settled the border, seized the northern land, robbed the rivers and mountains, destroyed the emperor and settled the world< Br> holding a million strong troops, Su Yuanshen blocks the killing God and Buddha blocks the killing Buddha< Br> what about the emperor? What about Jianghu sects? Anyone who dares to provoke Su Yuan will die< Br> many years later, when the Western foreigners attempted to invade the East and led a fleet to come, they were shocked to find that they had made the biggest mistake in their life< Br> Su Yuan: "here we are. Do you like the modern aircraft carrier fleet I summoned?"

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