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The throne of heroes travels to the world

The throne of heroes travels to the world

The throne of heroes travels to the world

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    The throne of heroes travels to the world
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    Dream praise
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    Cool Novel
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2022-07-05 14:14:04
Marvel world: captain of the United States: "Tristan, can you stop smiling and crying?" Iron Man: "Damn it, dilumudo! Turn off the halo for me!!" Gu Yi: "Merlin, if you dare to wear women's clothes again, I'll throw you to the dark latitude to accompany domam!" in the pirate king's world: Karp: "jorjos, go! Follow me to kill the dragon!" Warring States Period: "yuzao sauce, give me a strengthening!" white beard: "kuchulin, be my son!"... as the Lord of the throne of heroes, Adam Knox took the heroes around the world to find the 72 demon pillars that destroyed their world for revenge, but also for the reconstruction of the world form bonds with important people from all over the world and sign up as world guardians "little ones! Our goal is the sea of stars!" Adam held a long red cylindrical sword and pointed to the depths of the void "damn Adam! Give me back my EA!" "calm down, Jill, don't you just play? Stingy, I'll flash first!"

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