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Market star picker

Market star picker

Market star picker

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    Market star picker
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    Make demon diaper wet
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    Light Novel
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2022-06-23 10:03:28
In this land of cultivating immortals, where cultivation resources are closely controlled by the imperial court, and where heaven and man bring disasters to the human world, those with mediocre immortal resources want to shed all hope for immortals... It is difficult to go to heaven... Meng Lichi, a young man suffering from a strange disease, is just like that with immortal resources... a young man who wants to use a large amount of cultivation resources to fight for his life with heaven, in this "pitiful" world of cultivating immortals, he can only go against his wishes, be reluctant to do so, and become a target of thousands of people, A star catcher is a man who is killed by everyone... what is a star catcher< Br> it looks like a ghost without a shadow. It picks up the stars without a trace< Br> you can't find your iron shoes, and you can find all the treasures in the universe< Br> Oh< Br> generally speaking, it is a thief who has the magic star picking technique and specializes in stealing the cultivation resources of immortal martial artists< Br> its name is "star picker".

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