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I come from the fantasy world

I come from the fantasy world

I come from the fantasy world

Rating: 9 / 10 from 9428 ratings
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    I come from the fantasy world
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    One horse in the air
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    Redhouse Novel
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2022-07-02 04:17:51
Summary of the story: mark, the protagonist, is inexplicably troubled by a strange nightmare and has the ability to be different from ordinary people. In order to solve the mystery, mark tried every means to find clues, unexpectedly entered a mysterious green space, and after "death", he got to know "shadow" and Ling Feng from two different worlds. They found that they were virtual characters in a game program developed by a person who called himself "God". The cruel "facts" made them extremely miserable and desperate< Br> the "shadow" and Ling Feng committed suicide in exchange for Mark's "rebirth". Mark came to the world of "shadow" and Ling Feng and fulfilled their failed wishes, and then fought a duel with "God". Finally, mark used the trap to defeat God, and then came to the world of God. But this world makes mark feel very surprised. It is not heaven, but a frightening "hell"< Br>... is the world you see in your eyes the real world< br>……

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