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Pirate s three eyes evil king

Pirate s three eyes evil king

Pirate s three eyes evil king

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    Pirate s three eyes evil king
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    Dream back to a night
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    Cook Books
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2022-08-06 08:00:44
As a child of the fourth emperor, Carl intended to be a dandy who bullied men and women at first but there's no way. Mom, brother, sister and even brothers and sisters have high expectations for Carl since you can't be a dandy, be a strong man in fact, many times, as long as the brain hole is big enough, you can develop unexpected talents let's see how Carl climbed to the top step by step with his own efforts in the pirate world where the strong emerge one after another note: it is not invincible, nor is it brainless. The strength of the protagonist may be weak in the early stage, but it is definitely the boss template in the later stage. The translation of some characters may be wrong. Please be more tolerant.

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