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Alien fast wear: omniscient curse

Alien fast wear: omniscient curse

Alien fast wear: omniscient curse

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    Alien fast wear: omniscient curse
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    Little shark is confused
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    18ws Read
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2022-08-02 17:07:29
This is a kesulu style science fiction universe (the original works are partial to science fiction in the middle and later stages). This book contains original settings and gram system settings. The physical settings are divided into known (hard science fiction) and gram system unknown (soft science fiction) Mei Lang, as the double dependant of the foolish and blind god and the one who unifies all things, faces the one who unifies all things (yugossotos), but does not die because of his omniscient knowledge, which leads to the end of curse and exile it's strange forever. It's blurred from the stars. Mei Lang turns into a stranger, travels to and from various alien human civilizations, and collects different power systems for the old money wasteland individual soldier system, card summoning, silicon-based ecology, fantasy dream space, magic, fungus Migo, shichuanis, amorphous Hughes, Star color... Please look forward to it.

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