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Beyond the shadow

Beyond the shadow

Beyond the shadow

Rating: 9 / 10 from 2108 ratings
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    Beyond the shadow
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    Fan Chen Danyang
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    Weixin Book
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2023-06-09 03:10:33
The black wood staff waved rapidly in the air, and the huge Dharma array with countless magic patterns hummed and hummed. Blood penetrated the boots, and the cold body turned into powder. The black robe is full of knife wounds, sword wounds, fighting wounds, magic wounds... his contract beast is as tireless as a meat grinder, and his hands turned into sharp blades are like the sickle of death. The strong members of the secret law trade union were hysterical, and the God bless Knight urged the last breath of fighting. The space system Dharma array, which has disappeared for thousands of years, once again came to the ancient continent, enough to shake the power of any power. The seeds woke up and germinated. A boy in a black robe stood in the moonlight, and his indifferent pupils looked like a fierce beast in the deep sea "Why are you against the world?" asked the coalition commander "because we are not willing to be the running dogs of fate!" the two agreed and smiled at each other hundreds of years later, the "nations" in the shadow land quietly rose, which is no less powerful than those familiar and powerful races. The Dharma array personally arranged by the great mage resisted the magic guide gun and blocked countless fights, magic, black powder and even conspiracy this is a story between a strong man destined to surpass the gods and his mysterious contract beast.

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