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Koi immortal

Koi immortal

Koi immortal

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    Koi immortal
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    Break barriers and meet demons
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    Hotel novel
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2022-09-09 05:18:43
All the people in the world say that immortals are good, and ordinary people wish to be immortals how many people know the immortal scratching his head? Fairy trouble, who's here Zhu Ling's biggest trouble comes from a dream that has been repeated for 12 years. Twelve years later, the goddess in the dream looks like heaven and man. In the dream, he was invited to go to the lotus pool at midnight Li Tang, Tao Lang, Xue Xi startled the flood. The last hand: Heaven and earth turned upside down, heaven and earth changed color, Luan bird, green python, white mouse dragon, ghost talisman, land City God, Tianshu Yunzhuan... All rushed to him. When he woke up, he found that he had become a little goldfish or a koi the despicable scholar who was extremely unlucky and drank water and stuffed his teeth: "please ask the immortal teacher to give me a pillow to make a dream!" Zhu Ling: OK, let your dream come true the green Python who has not made progress for a hundred years: "please ask the immortal teacher to point out the truth of snake one or two Avenue!" Zhu Ling: OK, let you get what you want the first person robbed the water Jiao that was just sealed: "thank you very much for asking immortal Master Sheng Jiang to seal it!" Zhu Ling: OK, let your wishes come true one day, he was drunk in the heart of the river in a boat. When he woke up, he suddenly found that he was drunk. It seemed that he had promised a mortal three Zhangs merit and good luck. He had ascended to the first immortal in Dongzhou early it's broken. It won't poke a hole in the sky, will it< br>

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